The Five Animals of Qigong

The Wudang Five Animals of Qigong is an ancient Taoist exercise designed to improve health and longevity. The movements of this particular exercise are based on the movements of the five animals: the dragon, the tiger, the leopard, the snake and the crane.

Each animal corresponds to a specific internal organ, and therefore each animal movement improves the function of the given organ. The dragon improves the kidneys, the tiger improves the lungs, the leopard improves the liver, the snake improves the spleen, and the crane improves the heart. Thereby, dedicated practice of qigong restores balance to the internal organ system. When the internal organs are in balance, the body is able to function at its optimum efficiency, thus improving the overall health and longevity of the practitioner.

Wudang Five Animals Qigong exercises are also developed to open up the joints, lengthen the tendons and strengthen the muscles. Naturally, the practice improves functions of the respiratory and circulatory systems as well – these are especially important as they allow the body to deliver fresh oxygen-rich blood to all the extremities of the body as well as assisting in the elimination of deadly toxins, which are known to contribute to aging and illness. If practiced regularly, these exercises can reverse the aging process so that one can enjoy the benefits of a healthy body and mind well into their later years.